DAF introduces the new XF. The new benchmark in long-distance road transport. Designed for maximum transport efficiency. With a newly developed 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13 engine for Euro 6. A complete new chassis. A new and attractive exterior design. Together with a renewed interior. DAF introduces the best XF ever, for operators and drivers.



The prominent and stylish grille with aluminum accents and imposing headlights give the new XF a powerful and elegant appearance. The grille contributes significantly to the excellent cooling of the engine for the lowest possible fuel consumption.



Minimising accident damage means lower costs and no unscheduled delays. The new, galvanized steel bumper can take a few knocks. The new headlight covers are made of unbreakable Lexan.



Roof spoilers and side collars can reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 10 percent They are newly developed, carefully tailored to the larger vehicle width of 2.55 metres. The same applies to the aerodynamic mudguards with integrated indicator lights, clearly visible for cyclists and pedestrians for extra safety. Also this has been thought through.



The new roof spoiler for the Space Cab is easy to adjust whilst standing next to the truck. Always matching the height between tractor and trailer, and the new one is also 25 kilograms lighter. The new aerodynamic corner air deflectors contribute to low fuel consumption and guide the airflow so that the door handles stay clean.




A first in the truck industry is the optional LED technology for the headlights. With the largest light output, maximum life and minimal energy consumption. Standard daytime running lights provide excellent daytime visibility. Cornering lights (optional) in the bumper shine in the driving direction for extra safety and less risk of damage. Bulbs can be replaced quickly thanks to practical inspection hatches.



For additional roof lighting DAF developed integrated Skylights, available exclusively on the Super Space Cab. To add even more character. Thanks to optimum aerodynamics, further fuel savings are achieved compared with conventional cab-roof lights.



The door window offers the driver maximum side visibility. The driver can see both between the mirrors and A-pillar of the cab, and even between the mirrors themselves. This gives good visibility for maximum safety.

DAF-Euro-6-leather-pack-08 (1)


The new XF offers an abundance of space. The work and living space of 12.6 m3 and standing hight of 2.25 m in the Super Space Cab are unequalled. The storage space is also market leading. No less than 675 litres under the bed, with space for a fridge in which even large bottles can stand upright.



The new interior design has warmth. This adds to the comfort of the driver, just like the excellent heating and ventilation. Air flows are evenly distributed over the entire cab floor and even under the bed. The interior is above all very practical and easy to clean. Even after years of use it still looks good. Important for the residual value.



Staircase style cab access is made easier with only 3 steps and a floor height of 1.48 m. The latest generation seats offer excellent comfort. Fully adjustable and with neatly integrated seatbelts. Two-step seat heating and ventilation is optionally available, as well as fully leather upholstery. The beds are just as good as at home, or even better. The lower bed even has a length of up to 2.20 metres. On the Space Cab the upper bed has a reversible mattress, one side of which has a durable covering suitable for storage.



The DAF Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) helps the driver to drive as economically as possible. The central color display
informs about fuel consumption, braking behaviour, anticipation of traffic situations and shows the optimal moment for gear changing. Useful are tips for saving fuel, optimum use of the engine brake and the importance of the right spoiler adjustment and tyre pressure. The DPA motivates the driver to get the best from the XF with minimal effort.



The central dashboard contains a pull-out table, (credit) card holders, extra cup holders, USB connections and 2 practical double
DIN slots. These can house the new Truck Navigation Radio (optional) with radio / CD player, truck navigation system, Aux-in / USB connections for digital music files and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio. A fully integrated DAF Truck Phone (optional) allows two mobile phones to ‘pair’ simultaneously via Bluetooth. Both are operated from the steering wheel and telephone numbers, names and SMS messages are displayed on the dashboard.



The seatbelts are fully integrated in the seats. An airbag is optionally available. The dashboard has shock-absorbing zones to limit knee injuries in the event of a collision. And of course DAF’s unique Night Lock is available, which simply and effectively protects against intrusion and theft. With the new key, the driver can not only check the truck lighting, but also close all doors and windows simultaneously.

The new XF is powered by the new 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13 engine. Thanks to ultra modern and thoroughly proven technologies such as common rail injection, a variable-geometry turbocharger, exhaust-gas recirculation and ingenious exhaust-gas aftertreatment, the stringent Euro 6 emission requirements are met. At the same time, the PACCAR MX-13 engine is synonymous with maximum efficiency, high performance and low operating costs.



Technologies with which DAF gained vast experience in the United States, have been further developed for Euro 6. Use is also made of Euro 5 ATe technologies such as the encapsulated exhaust manifold for even higher turbo efficiency and optimized piston rings and cooling. DAF Euro 6 technology is proven technology, developed for optimal reliability and durability.



The new PACCAR MX-13 engine provides power outputs of 410, 460 and 510 hp with impressive torque figures of 2,000, 2,300 and 2,500 Nm respectively. They are available at low engine speeds and over a broad rev range. This means flexibility, less gear changing, high fuel efficiency and pure driving comfort. Also the engine brake gives excellent performance. More than three quarters of its power is delivered at only 1,500 rpm, resulting in even less use and wear on the service brakes.



The strict Euro 6 emission requirements are met in the most efficient way with fuel consumption on favorable Euro 5 ATe level and with low oil consumption. Through intelligent sensors and software the engine and exhaust aftertreatment work optimally together. An increased oil sump content enables service intervals of up to 150,000 kilometre. Fuel filter and water separator are combined in one unit making maintenance easier. The PACCAR MX-13 also has a single auxiliary drive belt for efficiency and lower maintenance.



The use of high quality materials such as Compact Graphite Iron for cylinder block and head results in high reliability and long life. To that end, functions are integrated. Fuel lines are integrated into the cylinder block and head. Oil filter, thermostat and cooler are combined in one module. Moreover, cable harnesses are encapsulated with foam. The new PACCAR MX engine is designed for a service life of up to 1.6 million kilometres.



The new DAF XF comes with a 12-speed manual transmission or 16-speed for heavy-duty applications. An automated transmission is also available for both: the ‘PACCAR by ZF’ AS Tronic with a number of innovative features. Smart software and sensors ensure smooth starting and manoeuvring by gradually engaging the clutch. Thanks to EcoRoll, during slight descents the clutch is disengaged allowing a controlled ‘roll’ at engine idling speed. Fast Shift also contributes to the low fuel consumption.



The new Intarder 3 is available on both the manual and automated transmissions. This gives the driver more stopping power at lower engine speeds which gives even greater control. The Intarder 3 contributes to the driving comfort and also provides even better  braking on long descents.



The new SR1344 rear axle is lighter, very quiet and has a technical payload capacity of 13 tonnes. This axle is standard on a combination weight of up to 44 tons and engine power outputs of up to 460 hp. The SR1344 rear axle is specifically developed with a lower friction level for efficiency and additional fuel saving. For heavier applications, the SR1347-axle has been further improved.

The chassis is a completely new development. It offers high payloads through low unladen weight. The high rigidity ensures excellent driving characteristics. Components are cleverly positioned with a view to the
highest efficiency. A perfect base on which to build.



One of the starting points in developing the chassis was to create as much space as possible. The SCR catalytic converter and particulate filter are combined in one unit. The AdBlue tank is positioned practically under the cab. The result: all the space for pump installations or hydraulic tanks, or fuel tanks with volumes up to 1,500 litres.

DAF-xf-sc-stabilink-2012715 (1)


In terms of ride and handling, the XF sets new standards, thanks to new front and rear axles, axle suspension and a completely new steering control. Similarly the torsional stiffness of the chassis and the new cab suspension contribute to excellent stability. The new XF is a joy to drive.



The chassis is lighter, but very strong. High quality steel is used for a durable, strong and yet lightweight chassis for high payload. The robust but lightweight rear axle uses a Stabilink suspension system which improves handling and stability, whilst also saving weight. A new mounting plate for the fifth wheel, the battery-box mountings, the innovative steering mechanism, every kilo less means a higher return. The new XF is one of the lightest in its class.



The chassis closing member is virtually at the same height as the chassis frame and also the outer parts of the mudguards are neatly positioned below the top of the frame. This reduces damage if the trailer should touch the rear of the tractor chassis, important for roll-on/rolloff traffic and loading platforms. Electrical and air suzies can be neatly stored reducing damage and keeping them clean.


Seeking to minimize the problems of the drivers on the road, DAF Trucks N.V. was the first company to create international truck service system (ITS), which does not abandon the leading positions up to now.

If anything unexpected happens, one telephone call to DAF ITS is enough for your car to be back to the road in a very short time. Experienced employees of the company manage to mobilise DAF technical service services, they speak all the main languages, can solve the financial issues wonderfully and ensure that a truck which unexpectedly stopped, will be able to go down the road again after minimal downtime.

Throughout the whole of Europe, ITS boasts an extensive and well-distributed network of around 1000 DAF dealers and service points. DAF customers can be assured of prompt assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident in no less than 49 countries – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


International help number +31 40 214 3000
Technical service on the road in Lithuania +370 687 50281
Technical help on the road in Latvia +371 28346000





International emergency number:
+31 40 214 3000

Technical assistance in Lithuania:
+370 687 50281