DAF authorised service

JSC CENTRAKO services in Lithuania operate in the largest Lithuanian cities: Vilnius and Kaunas. Currently the company as an official DAF Trucks N.V. service dealer implements its activity in Lithuania and Latvia.
Your heavy transport will be taken care of by an authorized DAF service that provides highest quality services and performs warranty and post-warranty technical services and repairs for DAF trucks and tow vehicles. In order to save you time, we offer services according to a “one-stop” concept, i.e. Upon arrival, customers can not only repair their vehicle, but also their trailers or semi-trailers, as well as purchase the necessary spare parts, use car wash, tachograph workshop or others services.


Truck body repair service


Kaunas service provides all body repair works. We have specialized and professional equipment for truck reconstruction. We do all the work ourselves, from preparations to washing.

trailer and semi-trailer service


The trailer and semi-trailer service provides warranty and other running repairs. The service has an experienced team of mechanics who will ensure a prompt and high quality service for your truck.

Inspection and repairs of tachographs


Tachograph workshops perform the activation, maintenance and termination of operation of analogue and digital tachographs. We also perform professional and accredited inspections.

Truck wash and cleaning


We are flexible and, in order to fulfil all your needs, we have formed a new modern system for washing services and prices. Your vehicle will be washed quickly, qualitatively, and without harming the environment.

Service contacts and working hours

Centrako servisce in Kaunas


DAF service
Taikos ave. 135, Kaunas
Tel.   +370 (37) 311405
Fax   +370 (37) 311438

Work hours
I-V  7:30-22:00
VI   8:30-17:00
VII  –

Semi-trailer and trailer service
Tel.   +370 (37) 311406
Fax.  +370 (37) 311438

Work hours
I-V  7:30-22:00
VI   8:30-17:00
VII  –

Centrako service in Vilnius


DAF service
Minsko st. 4, Vilnius
Tel.   +370 (5) 2106333
Fax    +370 (5) 2106336

Work hours
I-V  7:30-22:00
VI   9:00-17:00
VII  –

Semi-trailer and trailer hours
Tel.   +370 (5) 2106334
Fax   +370 (5) 2106336

Work hours
I-V   7:30-22:00
VI    9:00-17:00
VII  –

Centrako service Latvia


Siltuma iela 5, Rīga
Tel.   +371 67871408
Mob. +371 12834500
Fax    +371 67871417

Work hours
I-V  7:30-22:00
VI   8:30-17:00


Tel.: +370 37 310811

International emergency number:
+31 40 214 3000

Technical assistance in Lithuania:
+370 687 50281