DAF introduces the new LF for intensive  distribution transport. With a new and attractive exterior design. With a completely new interior. With a new chassis and with new PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 Euro 6 engines. Manoeuvrable, smooth and comfortable: the new LF feels at home in every city centre. It also offers a high payload for a maximum return. The LF is the ideal distribution truck for both the driver and the owner.



The new LF is the business card for your company. A stylish distribution truck with the same DAF family look as the XF and CF: robust and friendly at the same time. The distinctive grille and beautiful chrome panel with DAF logo are eye-catching, whilst leaving plenty of space for your company’s name. The aerodynamic corner deflectors prove that an attractive design can also be practical. The air flow is controlled so that the handles on the doors remain nice and clean.



What is beautiful should remain beautiful. The new LF is designed for the most intensive distribution work. By using the best materials and high quality finishes, it will still look perfect after years of intensive use. Pleasant for the driver, good for the resale value.



The new LF is fully at home in city traffic. Just as well it can take a knock or two. The galvanized steel bumper makes it less prone to damage. The covers of the new headlights with optional daytime running lights are made of unbreakable Lexan. That means lower operating costs and maximum vehicle availability.



The LF is available in three cab variants. Spacious inside, compact outside, important for optimal manoeuvrability. A steering angle of up to 53 degrees gives it the smallest turning circle in the segment. The difference between a good and the best distribution truck.


LF sunkvezimis


Intensive distribution transport means a lot of climbing in and out the cab. That’s why the new LF offers maximum  accessibility. Thanks to doors that open 90 degrees and a very low floor height of 89, 98 or 111 cm, depending on the version. Wide non-slip steps, carefully positioned handgrips and convenient step courtesy lights make comfort for driver and co-driver complete.



Good visibility for the driver is essential. Especially in an urban environment. The new LF provides unobstructed views forward
and sideways. Together with the optimally mounted mirrors, this provides extra safety and less chance of damage.



The lighting of the LF contributes to its visibility and safety. The headlight units are optionally available with daytime running lights. They are made of unbreakable Lexan, just as the optional fog lights and cornering lights. These cornering lights turn with the steering and shine in the direction of travel. Convenient and safe when turning or manoeuvering and even less chance of damage.



A relaxed driver is a better driver. That’s why DAF paid so much attention to the development of the LF’s interior. The ideal workplace with the same high quality standards as the entire DAF Euro 6 program. The dashboard is completely new; it is as beautiful as it is complete. All controls are within easy reach, and grouped logically by function. Every driver immediately feels at home in the new LF. And the extra-large-capacity heating and ventilation system ensures that the interior is always fast to reach the required temperature. Comfortable with the frequent climbing in and out.



The multifunctional steering wheel is adjustable over a wide range, which contributes to an excellent and comfortable driving position. Integrated controls are standard for operating the cruise control, engine brake, radio and the new, optional Truck Phone system. For safe hands-free calling with up to 3 phones.



The LF has a standard air suspension seat with exceptional adjustability. It is highly adjustable: 210 mm in length and 120 mm in height. That means a perfect sitting position for all drivers, regardless of their stature. The stylish upholstery provides excellent ventilation and seat heating is available as an option on the most luxurious version. Instead of the front passenger seat, a two-seater passenger bench is available. The LF also has high-level sleeping arrangements. The single bed in the sleeper cab has a comfortable mattress 200 cm long and 12 cm thick. So that after a rest the driver can continue on his journey in a relaxed state.



Comfort also means a rich specification. The LF has the same high quality and  comprehensive instrumentation as the new Euro 6 XF and CF, including the stylish aluminum finish. Central to this is the 5-inch TFT color display with standard DAF Driver Performance Assistant (DPA). Through this system, the driver is informed about fuel consumption, braking behaviour, the degree of anticipation and about the optimal moment to change gear. It also gives useful tips for fuel economy and indicates the importance, among others, of the right deflector adjustment and tyre pressures. The DPA encourages the driver to get the best out of the LF.

12 Euro 6 LF interior


The new dashboard has a 12-volt socket and a double DIN box that is suitable, among others, for the Truck  navigation Radio. In the console over the engine tunnel, there is a USB connector and a 24-volt socket. Ideal for connecting a smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player.



The new LF offers many storage options: a large, lockable compartment on the engine tunnel and tray on the lid, pockets in the door panels, a storage net on the rear wall and two large compartments above the windscreen. That is also where the four DIN boxes are located for fitting, among others, the digital tachograph. The extended day and sleeper cabs have, as standard, three additional lockable storage bins behind the seats, one of 23 litres and two of 39 litres. On the driver’s side of versions with the automatic AS Tronic gearbox, there is even a storage box on the dashboard, useful, for example, for delivery notes.

Distribution means customization. The same is true of the engines and transmissions in the new LF. Together, they deliver powerful performance and great flexibility, important with frequent starting and stopping. At the same time, the new PACCAR engines are clean, efficient, reliable and have a long service life.



There is a wide choice of engines for the new LF. The all-new 4.5-litre, four-cylinder PACCAR PX-5 offers outputs of 112 kW/152 hp,
135 kW/184 hp and 157 kW/213 hp and torques of respectively 580, 700 and 760 Nm. The new six-cylinder 6.7-litre PX-7 engine is available with outputs of 164 kW/223 hp, 186 kW/253 hp, 208kW/283 hp and 231kW/314 hp with torques of 850, 950, 1,020 and 1,100 Nm respectively. The high torque of the engines is already available at low engine speeds and over a wide rpm range. Good for
excellent performance, low fuel consumption and maximum comfort for the driver.



It goes without saying that the PACCAR PX engines meet the stringent Euro 6 emission requirements. This is achieved, among others,
through common rail fuel injection and a variable geometry turbocharger. PX engines have the lowest emissions ever, by employing a cooled EGR system and the application of SCR technology with an active particulate filter. As a result, AdBlue consumption is reduced by up to 50%. The compact design, with various components integrated into the cylinder block and head, makes the engines remarkably quiet. Pleasant for the driver and good for the environment.



For optimum return, the PX-5 and PX-7 engines come standard with a manual five or six-speed gearbox. For the most powerful engines, a nine-speed manual gearbox is available. The new cable control ensures smooth shifting with short gearshift movements. It is maintenance free and contributes to the low noise level in the cabin. Obviously, the PX engines can also be combined with a six-speed AS Tronic automated gearbox or – for special applications – a fully automatic Allison transmission.



The robust engine blocks and cylinder heads are very strong and compact. Built for long life, maximum reliability and low weight. Depending on the application, service intervals of up to 60,000 kilometres are possible. The particle filter only needs to be cleaned after 320,000 kilometres. This results maximum uptime. The PX engines have a single multi belt and various functions and parts are clustered in one module. This simplifies maintenance and supports maximum reliability and low operating costs.

A low kerb weight for high payloads: the LF is among the top in its class. This means pure profit for your company. With its modern, lightweight chassis, the LF does not compromise on ruggedness. DAF’s new distribution truck combines maximum rigidity with
the best handling.



The new LF offers many choices in chassis lengths and wheelbases. For versions from 7.5 to 12 tonnes, no less than eight wheelbases are available (3.05 m to 5.40 m). In the 14 to 16 tons class, even nine lengths (3.25 m to 6.30 m) are available and the same goes for the 19-ton models (3.45 m to 6.25 m). The tractor version of the LF is available with a wheelbase of 3.13 meters or 3.50 metres.

LF vaziuokle


With a wide choice of rear axle types and ratios, there is an LF for every application. The axles are designed for optimum performance, durability and maximum comfort. From the lightest axle, the 5-ton SR 5.10, to the new, rugged 13-ton SR13.44 rear axle for extra loading tolerance on the 19-ton LF. On almost all axle variants there is an optional limited-slip differential available. For maximum traction and vehicle control under all conditions.

LF 121


The chassis of the new LF is designed for optimal bodybuilder friendliness by positioning various components on the inside of the chassis. As a result, the LF chassis is completely flat. Moreover, the electrical and electronic installations are more than ever prepared for easy connection of the superstructure. Finally, the LF provides numerous efficient PTO options for example, conditioned transport, a tipper, or a crane.



A low kerb weight for high payloads. Low fuel consumption and long service intervals for low operating costs. All this makes the new LF the ideal distribution truck for the operator. Maximum manoeuvrability thanks to the smallest turning circle in its class. With
additional front axle capacity to prevent overloading with partial loads. And an extra large battery capacity to prevent unplanned downtime when frequently using the tail lift. The new LF has been thought through in every detail.



An open flatbed for transporting materials? A compact tipper? A platform to transport a light excavator? For all these applications, the LF is the ideal truck. And especially for applications where off-road work is a regular occurrence, there is the new 19 tonne LF Construction. Recognizable by its matt black grille, high bumper and robust, galvanized radiator shield. The high front bumper offers
a large approach angle of almost 25o and the ground clearance is 32 centimeters. Sturdy, powerful and versatile.



Thanks to its manoeuvrability, excellent handling and clean, efficient engines, the LF is ideal for all municipal services. Refuse truck,
sweeper, drain cleaner, or fire truck? The LF is the perfect platform. An important advantage is the completely flat chassis, allowing each superstructure to be mounted efficiently. The various PTO options underline the versatility of the LF.



Whether for intensive distribution, refrigerated transport, construction, or municipal services, for every application there is a bespoke LF. As a rigid and as a tractor. With a wide choice of wheelbases, economical and reliable PACCAR engines, transmissions and a complete PTO programme. With a day or sleeper cab. Whichever LF you choose, DAF always delivers a bespoke truck!


Seeking to minimize the problems of the drivers on the road, DAF Trucks N.V. was the first company to create international truck service system (ITS), which does not abandon the leading positions up to now.

If anything unexpected happens, one telephone call to DAF ITS is enough for your car to be back to the road in a very short time. Experienced employees of the company manage to mobilise DAF technical service services, they speak all the main languages, can solve the financial issues wonderfully and ensure that a truck which unexpectedly stopped, will be able to go down the road again after minimal downtime.

Throughout the whole of Europe, ITS boasts an extensive and well-distributed network of around 1000 DAF dealers and service points. DAF customers can be assured of prompt assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident in no less than 49 countries – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


International help number +31 40 214 3000
Technical service on the road in Lithuania +370 687 50281
Technical help on the road in Latvia +371 28346000





International emergency number:
+31 40 214 3000

Technical assistance in Lithuania:
+370 687 50281