DAF introduces the new CF Euro 6 – the ultimate all-rounder. Available as rigid and tractor, with two, three or four axles. With single or double drive. With a range of spacious and comfortable cabs. And with a wide range of powerful, efficient and clean engines. For distribution and bulk or tanker transport, or for heavy work in the construction industry. For every transport requirement the CF programme offers an efficient, bespoke solution.



The new CF can take a bump or two. It has a strong bumper of galvanised steel. Which protrudes slightly to protect the new headlights. The covers of which are made from unbreakable Lexan. The headlights are equipped as standard with day time running lights for excellent visibility during the day.



The sturdy and elegant appearance of the new CF Euro 6 is in common with the XF and LF. The distinctive grille and the beautiful chrome panel with DAF logo are real eye catchers. Above is all the space to promote your company name. The attractive front design continues through to the new mudguards, side skirts and cab collars. For optimal aerodynamics and the highest fuel efficiency.



The new CF is available with three cab variants: a practical day cab, a spacious sleeper cab and an ultra-spacious Space Cab. Attractive and stylish on the outside, comfortable on the inside. Design and functionality go hand in hand. Take for instance the aerodynamic corner deflectors. They enhance the appearance and control the air flow so that the door handles remain clean!




Easy cab entry and exitis important for a truck in this class. The practical, low cab floor is only 1.18 m high on versions with the PACCAR MX 11 engine and 1.25 m high in the versions with PACCAR MX-13 engine. As a result, two or three steps are adequate. The aluminum steps are non-slip.



Safety starts with good visibility. The CF cab has the largest glass surface in its class. Similarly, the low cab position contributes to a perfect overview, as do the carefully positioned mirrors.



The new CF has the same beautifully styled headlamps as the new XF. Equipped as standard with H7 halogen lighting. LED technology for low beam is optional, a first in the truck industry. With the greatest light output , maximum life and minimal energy consumption. Also new on the CF: practical cornering lights in the bumper. They shine in the driving direction for more comfort and safety and even less chance of damage.



The interior of the new CF offers maximum living and working space. That applies to the day cab, sleeper cab and the ultra-spacious Space Cab. Which has an interior space of no less than 11 m3. The standing height of 2.23 m is unmatched in its class, as is the total storage space of approximately 900 litres. Including three large compartments above the windscreen with space for a microwave oven. The 660 litres of storage space under the bed can accommodate an optional 30-litre refrigerator. All cabs are thus equipped with many convenient compartments and storage spaces. The centre console has a generous storage compartment with two practical bottle or cup holders.



The cab of the new CF exudes pure quality. Durable materials and a high-quality finish keeps the interior looking neat and clean even after years of intensive use. This benefits not only the residual value, but also improves driver comfort. That’s why warm colours are used in the cabin. So ever driver will feel at home on the road.



All drivers – large and small – find the seating position in the new CF ideal, thanks to the adjustable steering wheel. The driver’s seat is adjustable up to 220 mm in length and 145 mm in height. The integrated seat belts are adjustable in height and new is the divided back rest at shoulder height. Heated and ventilated seats are optionally available for supreme comfort. Talking about comfort: the bed (with a mattress length of 202 cm and thickness of 12 cm) guarantees an excellent sleep. Especially when the Xtra comfort mattress with pocket springs is chosen. Cross cab air flow of the new night heater makes the comfort level complete.



The new dashboard is fully designed around the driver. With all the levers and instruments exactly where you would expect them. Controls are grouped conveniently by function. The three DIN slots accommodate the optional camera monitor or Truck Navigation Radio with radio player, truck navigation system and USB connector. Also available is a fully integrated DAF Truck Phone with which two mobile phones via Bluetooth and a fixed, integrated telephone can be connected simultaneously. All three are operated from the steering wheel with display of phone numbers, names, and text messages on the dashboard.



The CF has the same instrument panel as the new XF and LF, including the beautiful finish and a modern colour display. This gives information on vehicle and engine functions in no less than 32 languages. The DAF Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) is standard and helps the driver to drive as economically as possible. Via the colour display the driver is informed about fuel consumption, braking, the degree to which traffic situations are anticipated and the optimum time to change gear. Handy tips for saving fuel, optimal use of the engine brake and the importance of, among others, the correct spoiler adjustment and tyre pressures. The DPA motivates the driver to get the best out of the CF with minimum effort.

DAF developed three new engines for the CF. The 12.9 litre PACCAR MX-13, the 10.8 litre PACCAR MX-11 and the 6.7 litre PACCAR PX-7. Available with various ratings. Thanks to ultramodern and thoroughly proven technologies such as common rail injection, a variable geometry turbocharger, exhaust gas recirculation and ingenious exhaust-gas aftertreatment, they meet the stringent Euro 6 emission requirements. All three guarantee maximum efficiency, high performance and low operating costs.



Maximum availability, reliability and low maintenance contribute to maximising your return. With service intervals up to 60,000 kilometres for the PX-7, 125,000 for the MX-11 and even 150,000 for the MX-13. Clever design, such as the combined unit for fuel filter and water separator, and the single multi belt, keep servicing costs low. And for maximum reliability, the cable harnesses are encapsulated with foam. Unique in the industry.



The PACCAR Euro 6 engines for the new CF are clean and efficient. Weight is saved, for example, by using a single multi-belt, a plastic sump and by combining oil filter, thermostat and cooler in one module. Engine and exhaust-gas aftertreatment work optimally together with intelligent sensors and software. The result: outstanding performance with an excellent fuel economy.



DAF’s premise: let the diesel particulate filter passively regenerate as much as possible. For the best possible fuel economy. For example, the exhaust manifold of the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines is encapsulated to retain as much precious heat as possible. Also, the SCR catalyst is optimised by temperature. A smart coating ensures maximum operation over a wider range of temperatures. Allowing the engine to function at its most optimal and efficient level. The particulate filter has cleaning intervals of up to 500,000 kilometres, depending on engine type and application.



Designed for a service life of up to 1.6 million kilometres. The PACCAR MX-13 provides power of 303 kW/412 hp, 340 kW/462 hp and 375 kW/510 hp and impressive torques of 2,000, 2,300 and 2,500 Nm respectively. The high torque is available at low engine speeds and over a wide rev range. This means less gear changing and therefore pure driving comfort. The engine brake delivers impressive performance. More than three-quarters of its power is delivered at only 1,500 rpm. This also results in less wear on the service brakes.



Ideally suited for distribution and for heavier applications where low kerb weight and the lowest fuel consumption are of ultimate importance. The PACCAR MX-11 with double overhead camshafts is available in five versions. With specifications ideal for distribution (210 kW/286 hp, 240 kW/326 hp and 271 kW/369 hp) and for heavier applications (291 kW/396 hp and 320 kW/435 hp). And high maximum torques of 1,200, 1,400, 1,600, 1,900 and 2,100 Nm, available over a wide rev range and from low engine speeds. The quality of the engine brake is also impressive in the MX-11. The MX-11 engine is a further 3 % more efficient than the already highly efficient MX-13 and is also 180 kilograms lighter. This means more opportunities to maximise your returns.



The new PACCAR PX-7 completes the engine range for the new CF. This powerful, quiet and fuel efficient engine offers power outputs of 164 kW/223 hp, 186 kW/253 hp, 208 kW/283 hp and 231 kW/314 hp. With a corresponding torque of 850, 950, 1,020 and 1,100 Nm. This gives exceptionally good handling characteristics with good fuel economy. With its low emissions and low noise, the PX-7 is attractive for intensive distribution operations. Pleasant for the driver, good for the environment.


The new CF has new or more sophisticated transmissions for a perfect match with the PACCAR Euro 6 engines. Manual, automated or fully automatic – there is always a gearbox that best suits your specific purpose.

The new CF is a leader in versatility and offers a solution for every transportation need. For regional and international distribution,
refrigeration, bulk or tanker transport. But also for construction, municipal services and special transport applications. The new CF will help you maximise your productivity.

CF vaziuokle


The new chassis offers practically unlimited opportunities for chassis layout. Due to the low weight, high payloads are possible. The high stiffness ensures excellent handling. It is also completely flat and components are mounted wherever possible on the inside. A perfect base for any conceivable construction or installation.



The driver experiences stable handling due to the high rigidity of the chassis and the Stabilink rear air suspension. The all-new front suspension provides the perfect balance between damping, lateral stability, comfort and rigidity. An 8-tonne front axle with two-leaf parabolic springs is standard. For heavier application there is the 9-tonne front axle with 3-leaf parabolic springs, for maximum comfort. New is a 7.5-tonne front axle with a single leaf spring, ideally suited for applications where every kilo counts!



The chassis can be configured in the most diverse ways. The installation for the after-treatment of exhaust gases can be to the left or right of the chassis or even separated. There are many possibilities. Large or small fuel tanks, discharge pipe on the left, right or even vertical. Everything has been thought of. Thanks to the Body Attachment Method the chassis is already fully prepared with support and hole patterns on a special construction. The bodybuilder can start work immediately.



By installing the AdBlue tank under the cab and the batteries at the back of the chassis, fuel capacities up to 1500 liters are possible on tractors. And of course there is also plenty of space for mounting outriggers or pumping equipment.



The brake of the new PACCAR engines delivers impressive performance regardless of the vehicle speed. Furthermore, the new Intarder 3 is available; the integrated transmission brake. At higher speeds, it offers the driver even more braking power.

DAF-xf-sc-stabilink-2012715 (1)


The final piece of the powertrain is the new SR1344 rear axle with a technical loading capacity of 13 tonnes. It is even lighter while maintaining its robustness and durability and comes as standard on combinations with weights up to 44 tonnes and engine torques up to 2300 Nm. For more demanding applications, the new SR1347 axle is available. In both cases, they are combined with the Stabilink air-suspended axle. This is lighter and is characterised by a high rigidity for optimal handling.



DAF supplies the PACCAR MX engines with the well-known engine PTO positioned at 1 o’clock with flange or pump drive with a torque of over 800 Nm. Ideal for driving a mixer or compactor. In addition, there is an indirect engine PTO with pump connection with take-off capacity of 35 kW. New on the MX-11 engine is a PTO pump drive positioned at 11 o’clock, mounted directly on the engine and with a torque of 250 Nm. Ideal for light auxiliary drives. In addition there is, of course, a very extensive range of gearbox PTO’s. For each application also a bespoke PTO.



New for the MX-11 and MX-13 engines is the provision for a generator which is mounted directly on the engine, especially for a refrigerated body. A fixed engine mount provides a reliable drive for these water – or air-cooled – ‘Frigoblock’ generators. This  installation extends the life of the V-belts considerably. It means maximum reliability, plus cost and maintenance savings. In addition, the generator for the drive of the cooling unit is easy to mount for maximum efficiency.

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The wide choice of engines, transmissions and axles combined with the excellent handling, makes the CF the ultimate distribution truck. Both regional and long distance. As a rigid and as a tractor. With two, three or four axles when additional capacity is required. The cab offers the ideal working environment and ample comfort. With optimum visibility, excellent accessibility, high security and above all maximum ease. The ideal truck for the driver and owner. The CF is a synonym for maximum reliability, durability and low operating costs.



Each kilogram of weight reduction is beneficial for the net payload. DAF has succeeded in improving virtually every part of the CF. Without compromising robustness and reliability concessions. For applications in which every kilo counts, DAF has gone one step further. With a new 7.5 tonne front axle with single leaf springs. With the new PACCAR MX-11 engine, which is also another 180 kilograms lighter than the efficient MX-13 engine. With an improved air suspension by using the Stabilink suspension, a combination of two torque rods and an anti-roll bar. For maximum productivity.



Especially for applications that require frequent ‘off road’ driving, there is the robust CF Construction. The bumper is mounted high, providing a large approach angle of 25 degrees. In combination with a ground clearance of 40 cm – thanks to the use of ‘straight’ beam front axles – this leads to excellent characteristics on unpaved roads. Also thanks to DAF ‘s famous double-drive, eight-rod tandem rear suspension. Which is characterised by excellent stability and large articulation up to 270 mm.



Whether your focus is on distribution, bulk or tanker transport, construction, the agricultural sector or within the waste collecting – DAF offers a bespoke CF for every application. As a rigid and as a tractor. With two, three or four axles. With a steered trailing axle for maximum manoeuvrability, with steered leading axle for maximum yard-friendliness. With low chassis height for volume transport. With air suspension on front and rear for the transport of demontable bodies. With a wide  choice of efficient and reliable PACCAR engines. With day cab, sleeper cab or Space Cab. With a choice of PTO’s. Whichever CF you choose, DAF provides you with a bespoke truck!


Seeking to minimize the problems of the drivers on the road, DAF Trucks N.V. was the first company to create international truck service system (ITS), which does not abandon the leading positions up to now.

If anything unexpected happens, one telephone call to DAF ITS is enough for your car to be back to the road in a very short time. Experienced employees of the company manage to mobilise DAF technical service services, they speak all the main languages, can solve the financial issues wonderfully and ensure that a truck which unexpectedly stopped, will be able to go down the road again after minimal downtime.

Throughout the whole of Europe, ITS boasts an extensive and well-distributed network of around 1000 DAF dealers and service points. DAF customers can be assured of prompt assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident in no less than 49 countries – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


International help number +31 40 214 3000
Technical service on the road in Lithuania +370 687 50281
Technical help on the road in Latvia +371 28346000





International emergency number:
+31 40 214 3000

Technical assistance in Lithuania:
+370 687 50281