Trailer and semi-trailer service

Trailer and semi-trailer services and an experienced team of mechanics will ensure a prompt and high quality service for your truck.

Warranty repairs:

  • SAF, BPW axles and suspensions
  • SAF, BPW axle registration and warranty services
  • WABCO air systems
  • HALDEX and KNORR brake systems

Additional services:

  • Trailer and semi-trailer maintenance – technical condition surveillance
  • Consultations on technical repairs and operation
  • Condition evaluation of trailers and semi-trailers when buying – selling
  • Preparation of trailers and semi-trailers for technical inspection according to EU requirements

Running repairs:

  • ABS, EBS, ECAS system diagnostics and repairs of all types of trailers
  • WABCO, KNORR, HALDEX air system repairs of all types of trailers
    Brake pressure check using Hoffman computer stand, ABS air system adjustment of tow vehicles and semi-trailers
  • Determination of brake efficiency and adjustment by using a brake stand to imitate the loads of the axles
  • Full repair of the chassis and suspension of all types of trailers and semi-trailers with disc and drum brakes
  • BPW, SAF, MERCEDES, FREUHAUF, ROR axle repairs
  • Reconstruction of the parallelism of the axles
  • Mounting of the odometer system upon the axles of the trailer and the semi-trailer
  • Axle load check, weighing and adjustment
  • Full repairs of the tarpaulin, isothermal and other superstructures of the semi-trailers
  • Mounting, balancing and repairs of tyres of the cargo transport



International emergency number:
+31 40 214 3000

Technical assistance in Lithuania:
+370 687 50281